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Tax Saving (Sec. 80C)— the ELSS Way

There are a number of investment options that can help you save taxes; however, the equity-linked saving scheme (ELSS) option not only helps you save tax but build wealth through disciplined investing.Read More...
By : Tanay Rastogi | Jan 17, 2018

Retire ‘RICH’ – 7 Alarming Triggers

Will you become RICH in future???? I know it’s your aim and you want to become rich, but there might be many things you are doing which is increasing your chances ofRead More...
By : Tanay Rastogi | Sep 3, 2017

SWP – A Smart Strategy To Regularize Retirement Income

Conventional investment options like fixed deposits are witnessing a dip in the interest rates. It makes sense to look out for investment avenues that tide over inflation.  Hence, many retired people areRead More...
By : Tanay Rastogi | Jul 22, 2017

VPF – Voluntary Provident Fund

Overview about Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) As the name clearly defines, Voluntary Provident Fund is a version of the traditional provident fund saving scheme wherein the subscriber retains the control to periodicallyRead More...
By : Tanay Rastogi | Sep 15, 2016